Demise of the Forgotten

by Shadowgrave

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Demise of the forgotten is a conceptual work that tells the story of mankinds fall and demise with the ressurection by the hands of the evil one.


released November 25, 2013

All songs by Shadowgrave



all rights reserved


Shadowgrave Portugal

Portuguese Doom / Heavy / Black Metal band. Inspired by the likes of Draconian, Black Sabbath, Opeth and even Burzum, our music is simple, heavy and effective.

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Track Name: The Last Empire
Written in the ancient scripts
Prophetic day of demise
Released complete destruction
Nothing ever spared aside

Withering light of
Monarchy’s decay
Atrocities committed
Payed in death

Saw burning hell
Havoc is left

Torn away (away)
The last empire
Torn away (away)
Defeat proclaimed

Behold! The time has come!
Nothing shall be undone!
There is no mercy
For all this scum

Thunders roar
Heavy rain falls
The anger darkens
Forever more
Hunted dark curse
No way to reverse

Withering light of
Monarchy’s decay
Atrocities committed
Payed in death

The sacred blade
Gods forged in the skies
All forces clash
Evoking five elements

Years of hunger
Shall be on wait
Raindrops cry red
The emperor is dead
Track Name: Shrine of Sins
Church of misery
In dying apology
Locked in prison
Shut from reality
There is no faith
To follow tomorrow
Shrine of sins

Blasting through the gates
Filled with
Horrific hate
The poor to rot
Not holding back

Sick of it all
Long forgotten
Among the rest
Just to stay cold
Just to stay dead
Kill them all

The king
In his castle
Warriors fight
Empty lies
Based on belief
Shrine of sins

Sorrow in death turned to grief
Deceiving eyes in wicked schemes
Ready for the great betrayal
Freedom to men has been denied

Religion tames mindless mortals
Under the gaze of symbols
Let us hear a nefarious mass
Worshiping the goat on fire

Temples destroyed
Burned to none
Dark priests of evil
With their
Obscure ways
Shrine of sins

Turning men
Into sheep
For the sake
Of corruption
Infernal desires begun
Revolution begins

Few walk the unholy path
Philosophy neglected
Has been objected
Ignorance is bliss

Have to burn
To breath
All we gave
Has been lost
Shrine of Sins
Track Name: Carving Genocide
Silver kingdom
At downfall
Empty ways
To nowhere

Human crimes unforgiven
Deserve no absolvation
All exiles have begone
Overdose of weaponry

Foresees abominant
Killing spree
The beast is present
Famine for carnificine

Within our wars
We rest in pieces
Violence is the only answer
The ultimate sacrifice

We all are victims
Of this insane
War against all humanity
War against all life

Final bastion
Of our kind
Fallen cemetery crows
Growl chants of necrosis

Carving genocide!
The final revolution
Carving genocide!
The only resolution
Carving genocide!
From here stand no survivors
Carving genocide!
A sick world near extinction

Soulless bodies
Left to rot
Limbs spread everywhere
Impaled heads left for dead

The wind is
Blowing strong
As leaves fly over tied legs
Crushed to the bone

The crows laying
With their wings spread
As angels nightmares
Descent straight from hell

The murder weapon
Of genocide
Tyranny carved in their flesh
Apocalipse set in stone
Track Name: Demise of the Forgotten
A time for displeasure
Taking shallow steps
Grasp the emotion
Take me now

I’ve been through so many
Discovered horizons
Crafting the lifeline
I acknowledge my fate

A river of solitude
A wave of sadness
In these lost moments
Standing by my side

When sadness whispers
Grief stops my demise
The last picture portrait
Is a mere illusion

As I feel the cold touch
Of vanishing despair
I know my time has came
I acknowledge my fate

As death touches the skin
My pale emotions
Bring one last gulf
Of this dawning misery

A fortress of pain, my life
Buried underneath the cross
My soul expelled from the body
Oh death thank you for freeing me

Blood stops running
Through my veins
A dying body
A soul left behind

Life’s last grasp
My fainting light
Excruciating agony
Moments of departure

I seek my way
Into fallen oblivion
There is no beauty
Besides this pain

The sky turns grey
And forgiveness lost
A dying body
A soul let alone
Track Name: When Death Comes Grieving
When death comes grieving
The fall of the damned arises
Comes the epilogue of departure
When all hope has been lost

Bringer of the underworld
Have mercy for the lying bodies
Hear the prayers of their old fathers
Save the spirits that have been lost

Why waste the gift of life
I haven’t meant to take you

Take my hand
I will take you to
Your final resting place
Take my hand
I am the one
You cannot run from

I fear there’s nothing
I can do
The damage done
Does not return

Rising from the crates
Wielding a damned scythe
Condemning every man
To eternal emptiness

Fighting a half lost battle
Riding a half dead horse
Waging tremendous disasters
Souls return to their dark masters
Track Name: Lugubrious Silence
Lost in a limbo between two worlds
I grieve the ones I´ve lost forever
This aching heart of mine
Lost its pace hours ago

Alone in the dark
Oblivious in my deviations
Missing the trail of life
Strayed in perdition

Granted the eternal banishment
Vanishing remembrances dissipate
Swiftly gone with the wind
Whispering through the cold air

For my lugubrious silence
Cannot hide my pain
Under mournful stance
I bear this doleful state

My sight sees only grey
Existence runs without color
Meaningless way of being
Haze took the leverage

Nature is rotten
Inside a mad world
Isolated throne
Without resolve

The end of the funeral
The chalice has been drank
The terminus of this new world
Outlined in our obscure marks

One single day
Would change it all
Lacking strength to overcome
Such striking adversity

So many hurdles
We’ve came across
All of us turn wicked
To dust we turn again

My sight sees only grey
Existence runs without color
Meaningless way of being
Haze took the leverage
Track Name: Windless Winter
Footsteps printed in the snow
Echoes of the fading sun
Frozen gates stood barely shut
Iced desert revealed

Into the world of the unknown
Imagination starts to crumble
Silent enclosure of a shadow
Bent forgotten lives

Glorious return of darkness
Sinners perished again
The gods complete their task
Fulfilling their prophecy at last

The trumpets sound
As the final call echoes
Where will you be
When this darkness calls?

Feelings of emptiness
Invade the senseless
A miserable blood stain
Thy real pain

Hollow like a windless winter
Sustained screams from the stones
Echoes inside a dark sphere
Calling their master

Struggle for survival
Innocent lives violently taken
Not relevant for the matter
This cynical disaster

From the rising shadows
Of an ancient ritual
Stone turns to blood
And blood turns to nightfall

When once ruled an emperor
Now stands the omen
Decayed throne of monarchy
Now pentagram's ruling
Track Name: The Omen
Children of the night
Follower of the pentagram
Apprentice of the goat
Leader of the crows

Seed of evil
Sprouts in our own hands
Vicious psychopath
Plants in us his disease

Sequence of sixes
Son of the devil
Ultimate revelation
Terminator of creation

Altered beast arises
Enraged serpent strikes
In blasphemous moment
Upon the cross an omen

Only hatred spared
As the bones become ashes
Once again turned to dust
Through the tides of time
Leading our own fall
Demise of the forgotten

Propagate the terror
Dawn breaking once more
Result of the ultimate sacrifice
New millennium at war

Evoked by perdition
Kneeling for redemption
Last merging of fates
The end of the world