The Aftermath

by Shadowgrave

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released August 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Shadowgrave Portugal

Portuguese Doom / Heavy / Black Metal band. Inspired by the likes of Draconian, Black Sabbath, Opeth and even Burzum, our music is simple, heavy and effective.

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Track Name: The Aftermath
It’s the begging
Of a new era
The sun will never
Rise again!

The Moon will rule
A thousand years
Leading new world
Filled with sorrow and tears

The seven seas
Shall drown the land
Obeying blindly
The moon’s command

Lost souls forgotten
Allways left behind
Masters of madness
Saviours crucified

One chaotic scene
Before my eyes
The vital remains
Of those who bleed inside

Dying corpses
Lay on the ground
Shattered hopes
Never found

The end has come
Has they had foretold
The sea of blood
The skies of storm

Wolves cry
The moon song
Wolves cry
All night long

Massive falls engulf the earth
Ocean waves in vivid red
Smashing the skulls of the dead
As the black death spread

Raining waters
Drawing shadows
Drowning curses
In this endless torture

The cold consuming
Burns my skin
Freezes my heart

Infernal fires
Screams in the rain
Paranormal pain
Driving me insane

Redeem thy dark lord
In the darkest days
The last dawn of light
Inflicting the pain

Black horizon
Cursed destiny
Now I know
I’ll never be free

Last dawn of light
Behind a cage
In the darkest days
The destroyer remains
Track Name: Lugubrious Silence
Lost in a limbo between two worlds
I grieve the ones I´ve lost forever
This aching heart of mine
Lost it’s pace hours ago

Alone in the dark
Oblivious in my deviations
Missing the trail of life
Strayed in perdition

Granted the eternal banishment
Vanishing remembrances dissipate
Swiftly gone with the wind
Whispering through the cold air

For my lugubrious silence
Cannot hide my pain
Under mornful stance
I bear this doleful state

My sight sees only grey
Existence runs without color
Meaningless way of being
Haze took the leverage

One single day
Would change it all
Lacking strengh to overcome
Such striking adversity

So many hurdles
We have came across
All of us turn wicked
To dust we turn again

Nature is rotten
Inside a mad world
Isolated throne
Without resolve

The end of the funeral
The chalice has been drank
The terminus of this new world
Outlined in our obscure marks